Friday, July 06, 2007

Some tourists tour the Sear's Tower...

Hard Rock Cafe, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

but we visit every Hard Rock Cafe we can find in any city we visit. (See us? We're in the middle, round table.)

Chicago is great! I'll have pictures to post eventually but thought some of my musical readers might enjoy seeing this picture. The Chicago HRC has guitars owned by Tom Petty, Van Halen, Petra, and Poison. There's a scary looking leotard by Madonna, Elton John's orange jumpsuit from "Rock of the Westies" and those ugly brown cords of John Lennon's with Yoko Ono's striped cords in front of them. Fun.

We went bike riding this morning along the lake shore (gorgeous weather) and then spent the afternoon shopping. The entire family played with the iPhone at the Apple store. :) That's a vacation for us.

See you Sunday night!


Dave said...

Chicago is, as the song goes, my kinda town. I could imagine living there, or closer to there, someday. (Moreso than Detroit.) Sounds like you had a great time and a really beautiful day to be there. Was there any other special destination that led you up north or were you just looking to get out of town for a bit and chose the Windy City for whatever reason?

julieunplugged said...

We needed a less expensive vacation than Rome, Los Angeles or South Carolina. :) Chicago got the family vote and turned out to be a great time! We spent four days. I love the way Chicago is a planned city (on a grid). It makes it so easy to visit and enjoy. We had great weather the whole time too. And the Taste of Chicago was going on (without us even planning our trip around it) so we got to sample a bunch of Chicago favorites as well. Great city.