Friday, July 27, 2007


Go see it! Liam wanted to go to the movie for his 13th birthday tonight and so we sat in a long row and laughed outloud, sang along (quietly) and walked out of the theater singing and dancing. "You can't stop the beat!" I couldn't stop smiling and had no idea that the subject matter had to do with the Civil Rights movement. How can a musical be wonderfully funny, cheerful, optimistic and important all at the same time? Find out.


Ampersand said...

Oh, that is so good to know. J and I are looking to go to a movie this afternoon.

Happy Birthday to Liam.

My L is turning 15 tomorrow. :)

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the review. Hoping to see this one in the movies.

Kansas Bob said...

Took your advice and saw it Wednesday. What a fun movie!