Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

Ghostly fireworks, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

I have a series of photos to share from last night's hilarious X rated fireworks display on our driveway that I hope to post when I get time. (I say X rated because I cower in anxiety like the fuzz are on my case when I see boxes of fireworks for sale - I come from the CA indoctrination program that says anything requiring a match is the equivalent of dropping the A-Bomb on your neighborhood...)


When Jon and Caitrin, who seduced him into the purchase with her girlish fluttering eyelashes, entered the house with a big box (of essentially smoke bombs and sparklers), I pursed my lips like Cinderella's step-mother. But they dragged me out to the driveway and we threw those pop rocks to the ground, making all kinds of explosive sounds (and none of the kids had shoes on and Jon didn't even freak out!). We ignited multiple matches at once, sending up sparks and smoke and we laughed and played.

My word. Too much fun. Only the hair on the back of Jon's hand got singed.

Those CA fire fighters. One more time I've been lied to. :)


Margaret said...

It's so fun to hear your take on this. I grew up setting off lots of fireworks every year on the fourth. We lived on a dead end street, and let them off in the court. It could go for hours, because all the neighbors brought stuff, too.

My dad was always pretty cautious--he taught us how to be safe--but we got to set off lots of different things. When we were older, we had lots of fun with bottle rockets...good times!

Ampersand said...

oh, the fun! what a great expression :).

Susanne B. said...

People were letting off their own fireworks on the beach (PB), and my kids were livid. "How DARE they light their own fireworks? Don't they KNOW it's dangerous and ILLEGAL!!!!" (As if anything would catch fire at the beach....)

It's just where one grows up, I guess. Yours looks like lots of fun!