Wednesday, July 18, 2007

She Who Is (and I who am...)

I've been invited to lead a four part discussion of She Who Is by Elizabeth Johnson starting in August. I'll be hosting the discussion at my house twice and twice we'll meet at Panera. Here's the blurb as it will appear in the Nexus church e-bulletin:
Julie Bogart, recent masters in theology graduate, will be leading us in a look at how gender impacts our conceptions of God and personal spirituality. We'll examine the impact of gendered language for God as well as how modern gender stereotypes have harmed both men and women spiritually. This is not a discussion about how to add a few feminine images to our catalog of terms for God, but rather a reconceptualizing of who God is and how we relate to God. Discussions will be drawn from the text, She Who Is, by Elizabeth A. Johnson. This book has an academic orientation so purchase is left up to the individual and not necessary for discussion. Men and women are welcomed to this study and we’ll meet at Julie’s house on Aug. 2nd and 23rd and at Union Centre Panera community room on August 9th and 30th.
If you are local and want to come, we'd love to have you! Email me for details.

PHEN (Post-Homeschooling Entrepreneurial Network)
Also, I'm starting a networking meeting for moms who are ready to earn money now that they are homeschooling less (or not at all). If you are interested in that, you can also email me. We'll meet monthly and discuss stuff like how to set up a business, taxes, health insurance, marketing, pricing and more.


carrie said...

I wish I could come, Julie. I'm sure I'd be challenged (in a good way). I'd love to say I'll read the book...but my to-read stack is just too large right now!

The PHEN group sounds great, too!

jo(e) said...

I'd come if I lived a few hundred miles closer.

julieunplugged said...

Joe, I wish you COULD come!

And Carrie, I totally get it about that stack of books. :)

Dave said...

This provokes my interest. What is this Nexus church? I don't recall hearing or reading anything about it from you. Just did a search on the book and find that it's about 15 years old - is it something of a classic in its genre? Seems to be the case...

I'm curious as to how this series came about and of course looking forward to whatever reports you are able/willing to share here from the discussion.

julieunplugged said...

Dave, Nexus is a United Methodist church plant in our area. I visited the church on its opening day and Jon and I attended their picnic with the "frisbee" golf recently. :)

Deb (Chuck's wife) is the one who invited me to lead this discussion.

She Who Is is something of a standard. It's written by an ex-nun and draws on Catholic tradition for the discussion of the feminine in relation to the divine.

Deb said...

Just to be clear - Nexus is an United Church of Christ new church plant. Chuck and I moved from the United Methodist church because we wanted to be where the hearts, minds and doors are actually open!! We're far from perfect. Jon and Julie did come to the picnic and found themselves at the first church picnic ever in church history to not have any dessert!

I'm very excited about having Julie lead this discussion with men and women. I look forward to the changed perspectives of God and of each other.

julieunplugged said...

Oh goodness. I found myself thinking UCC and then thinking but didn't she say Mthodist? I get it now. :) Thanks for clarifying Deb! I'm excited to participate and can't wait to hear what you have to share too.

Dave said...

OK... "Frisbee golf" jogs my memory! This sounds like a pretty nice opportunity to engage your theological imagination with a live and engaged audience. I wish you all the best, and may you experience blessings of some sort or another in the process! ;o)

Rick said...

Johnson has done remarkable work surrounding the issue of Sophia.

Julie, best wishes on your group.

SusansPlace said...

Oh my, both of these are exactly what I need right now. Alas, driving from Texas would be a little bit tough. ;-) If you ever decide to do this online...count me in.

Good Luck!