Saturday, May 26, 2007

Week in review

I've posted numerous times to the pomoxian email loop.

I've scrubbed the counters in all the nooks and crannies that have been ignored for a semester.

I went back to the gym to work out. Here's my routine: weigh self, curse, plug in headphones, run on treadmill while watching ESPN highlight reels, sweat, strain thigh muscle, walk, run, walk, adjust volume on iPod, watch iPod go flying off ledge to the madly careening conveyer belt below, bend to retrieve, only to be thrown from the Karate trained black belt, face and knees first onto the indoor-outdoor carpet, jump to feet quickly, pretend it didn't happen, plug back in, turn up volume, put on "I'm a serious worker-outer" face, finish 30 minute taste of hell, return to locker room where I strangle self with bathing suit, swim six laps (I'm so proud), soak in jacuzzi with the senior diabetics club (which makes me feel slim again), return to lockeroom, step on scale (why?) to see if I've lost a micro pound, shower and go home. Repeat when necessary (like every day, if I ever want to see those size two jeans come out of moth balls).

I shopped. You know, filled the cart, paid a lot of money, unloaded oodles of groceries and heard children exclaim: "Wow, there's food in the house." I highly recommend not having food in the house for long periods of time followed by reasonable amounts if you need to elicit praise from children.

I worked at my computer (writing about writing, reading about writing, laughing at bad writing on websites that claim to teach writing, snorted at ideas about what constitutes good writing by bad writers, reread some of my old writing and gaffawed at my own bloated ideas of what good writing is...).

I thought about theology. Yeah, so that's not new. I mostly thought about how weird it is to get a degree in something you not only can't prove (the existence of God) but that you could literally read and write thousands of pages about the topic and have to argue from conviction about the unseen, unfelt, immaterial. Some God somewhere is laughing.

I watched all the cool TV shows this week.
Favorite new cool show: On the Lot! Film directors make movies every week and the audience will vote on the best ones. Very cool.
Favorite finale of a show I don't follow: Lost. O.M.G.!!! Is that a crazy story or what? I have seen like five episodes in three years. But this one really got to me... I dreamt about it, went to online communities to read about it, went to fan sites, talked to friends.... all about a series I know next to nothing about... and determined that I have no life.
Favorite Idol: Was kicked off a week early (Melinda). However, Blake is my favorite performer and I expect great things from his fashionable little tukus.

Today I take Caitrin to the open outdoor swimming pools at the YMCA and I hardly slept I am so looking forward to it. Lounge chairs, no Internet access, sunshine, water and drumstick ice cream cones. Does it get any better?


Kansas Bob said...

USA Today poll gave Lost 4 stars.

Sandy said...

I watched On the Lot too although I think I missed the 2nd show somehow so I'll have to look it up online. If I didn't know better, I'd think you just might be hooked on Lost. We started watching after having watched a finale too (s.1). It would be a great summer watch on dvd -hint hint. This has been a good season for Lost overall - if you don't count the screwy scheduling. The finale was great but I fear it going the same way as Alias in the end. Grr. I watched Idol for the first time this year (a guy from our city was on it-Phil) and Melinda was my fav too. Got very impatient w/ the finale, though.

Hope you have a great time at the pool - lounge chairs, pool, ice cream - oh so very summer break!

SusansPlace said...

I'm a huge "Lost" fan and couldn't believe how they ended the season. I knew it would be a cliffhanger but I'm still scratching my head. My guess is Jack got a flash of the future...before he gave the boat their coordinates....and decides not to leave the island. Lost can't happen in the city. They have to be on the island. Locke or Ben or "The Island" somehow gave him a glimpse into the future and he saw how awful it was. I'm wondering if the guy in the coffin was Sawyer.
I hope you are hooked so we can talk about it next

julieunplugged said...

Sandy, I may have to join you. I do keep thinking about that show. Really crazy and interesting. Susan, I didn't know you watched it too. And Bob! Cracks me up that you all responded to that part of my post. ;)

I think I'm doomed to join. Now that I'm done with grad school, I should have more time for TV. LOL

Ampersand said...

Julie, do watch LOST! It was off to a slow start this season but then it really picked up steam.

I have the Season 2 DVDs, which I would be happy to share.

We watched all of season 1 & 2 on DVD late last summer. We were like addicts on LOST crack :).