Monday, May 21, 2007

Truth's Hall of Mirrors

Here's my current UPI column. I took last week off so don't wonder if you missed one. :)


Ampersand said...

"Who is Jesus Christ for us today?" That question will never get old so long as people are curious to ask it. The danger is in believing we already know the answer before we start.

Yes, having the answers before we even get started is not only dangerous, but also no fun at all.

I think this is a fascinating question, particularly as one who is consistently drawn to Jesus, even as an ex-Christian.

Who is this guy, and why do I find him so compelling?

And why do I not want his religion?

Sandie said...

Julie, this is truly one of your best!

Ampersand:"And why do I not want his religion?" Mainstream Christianity as it is practiced today in America is NOT the religion of the J.C. His religion was much closer to what conservative Jews or even reform Jews practice today. Even though I say that, I don't think he was about religion at all and much more about relationships, covenants, and communities.

Kansas Bob said...

Busy week for me ... finally got around to your column Julie and was glad that I did - before your next one was published.

I like the way that you ended:

"The danger is in believing we already know the answer before we start."

So sad that so many of us have truth in a box. I'm glad that some of us find our way out - even if we still keep a few toes in that box :)