Friday, May 04, 2007

Taking the day to write my final

I have a good article cooking for UPI for Monday so if I don't write anything more than drivel over the next couple of days, you can look forward to that. A little preview - it's about sex. :)

Today, I have to write my final for Wednesday because tomorrow is my daughter's prom, in the evening we go to a Kentucky Derby party at Brian's (waves to Brian - wish you all could come), then I am manning the big balloony bounce house in the gym at after prom from 11:15 until 5:00 a.m. (I am crazy), then I will sleep through Mother's Day. On Monday, I have to finish grades for my co-op writing class, Tuesday I have a run through as a coach for a friend's home birth (I hope I remember how birth works!) and Wednesday the doctrine 1 final is due. Thursday is my oral defense.

So, for now, I'm drinking tea and typing. (I'm also avoiding getting sick. My daughter has a bad cold, wouldn't you know? The hand-sanitizer and I are getting awfully snuggly...) Thanks for all your supportive comments in my previous post. I really appreciate them.

Oh! And btw... The Brokeback Mountain book is coming out this month. I may be interviewed on the radio so if I am, I'll let you know details.


carrie said...

Julie- Drink "Emergen-C." It somes in packet you mix with a little water. Mega doeses of C and other immune boosting things. It seems to ahve helped me this winter weather several "almost" colds.

It sounds like a fun weekend, if tiring!

Rick said...

"Sleep thru Mother's Day"? you're gonna crash for a week? or do you get two Sundays to celebrate being Mom?? :) Please tell me it's not this weekend - or I'm in trouble.

my15minutes said...

Yeah, Julie...this isn't mother's's next weekend. So go ahead and sleep through the won't be missing anything. :-)

julieunplugged said...

Oh wow! You two are right! My kids keep telling me it's this weekend and I believed them. Hmmm. Maybe they want me to sleep through it. LOL

Actually, I just shouted that I'd be wide awake for Mom's Day next weekend and they were relieved. They love the big breakfast, even more than I do. :) Thanks Rick and Beth.

Rick said...