Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My theologically inclined aunt is...

coming for my graduation!

For those who don't know, my aunt is a professor of religion at University of California, Riverside. She began her adult life as a nun, then earned her Ph.D. in religious ethics, and then fell in love with a priest [big grin]. They came out of their orders and got married. There's a much longer, very admirable story to go with all this. They didn't just abandon their vocations. Much thought, love, and prayer went into all of their decisions. The result, of course, has been that the two of them are among the most active, community-contributing people I've ever met. And my aunt's theological mind is brilliant.

My Aunt June (my mother's sister) has been a huge source of inspiration all these years as a Christian, but particularly as I've deconstructed faith and entered graduate school. She is one of the most clear-headed thinkers I know and has even had the generosity of spirit to read my lengthy papers and engage me when I needed help in thinking through a theological conundrum. I discovered early on: Nothing I could ask or question would shock her. What a nice thing that is to have someone in your life who can hear what you say, and then, can also intelligently engage it with insight, charity and provocative rejoinders.

Basically, she's awesome. :) I'm thrilled that she will be here to celebrate with me. Feels so fitting.

And last thing. I know you've all already congratulated me on the various stages of the thesis. No need to add any more comments of that nature, but I thought you should know: The thesis has been accepted and received an outstanding review from my advisor. I am scheduled for the defense in two weeks. All I have left now is a final paper for Doctrine 1, due a week from tomorrow.

May 19 (graduation day) is right around the corner.



Kansas Bob said...

As a member of your other family :) ... all I have to say is:

Julie, you make us al proud to be part of your family!

Many blessings,


Sentient Marrow said...

I'll be at my sister's graduation ceremony the same day you'll be at yours. I am sure I will be thinking of you the same time. I am so *proud* of you! Congrats!

SusansPlace said...

YAY! I love hearing about your aunt. :-) I am so proud of you!! How will you celebrate?


susan said...

I also would love to hear the testimony of your aunt and their courtship. Sounds like they did it right!