Friday, October 20, 2006

Changed my UPI column day

My grad school class is Tuesday/Thursday and I'm just drowning trying to write for the column and class every week. I've changed my day to send my column to Fridays and I will probably be published on Monday or Tuesday. I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I hope to write a bit more on this blog. I have lots of mundane things I could write about like college applications for Johannah, lacrosse and zoology for Liam, season-finishing soccer games for Caitrin and Jake's adjustment to part time enrollment in high school.

Noah, btw, got great feedback on his essay (the professor loved his writing style - yippee!).

But why write about my family? Most of you don't know them and it's like having to read the Christmas letter from hell when it shows up on a blog. (I wrote an un-Christmas letter here in 2004.)

Fall just rolls by too quickly for me. I love the look of the trees right now - aflame in red, orange, yellow, brown and lingering faded green. The whole world is sadly winding down to winter.

And I thought I should point out that Notre Dame plays UCLA at home for the first time since 1964... My father and brother are going to that game (they forgot me), but I'll be rooting for UCLA just to spite them both. :) Go Bruins (who don't stand a chance, but remember, the Bruins gave us Troy Aikman and QB coach for the Ravens: Rick Neuheisel).

Bengals... we'll just wait and see. Crossing fingers.

Okay, clearly all I have time for these days is inane comments about sports. Perhaps this is a sign that I need to finish grad school asap. The brain cells are expiring at too rapid a rate.


TiaDavidandOurLittleChickens said...

Why write about family? LOL...because your family is a huge part of who you are and provides an interesting element and context when you write about other stuff. And more LOL, which is also why my very not-sportsminded self reads your posts on's all part of the bigger picture of who Julie is.

Matt said...

Brain cells don't expire -- if yours are like mine, they just rebel from time to time. On behalf of the Dallas Cowboys, we appreciate UCLA's gift of Troy Aikman; he made the 1990s a very happy time for us (after the 1-15 first season, at any rate). And I agree that the year has gone too fast, but this is one of my favorite times of year. Having my computer in a separate building allows me to type and surf the web with the windows open, the leaves falling, and a nice late-year breeze blowing through!

- Matt