Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cincinnati's fall ended abruptly yesterday

Fortunately, Jacob took photographs on Wednesday, the last day in which we had both fall colors and sunshine together. Today we had the coldest blowing winds you can imagine... which coincided with Caitrin's last soccer match of the season! Go ::clatter teeth:: ::shiver, shiver:: team! Sunshine, yes, but no ability to keep warm. Last night's storms (which caused gushing leaks into our basement) dealt the knock out blow to all the trees in our neighborhood. Dead leaves everywhere.

So to remember all our fallen heroes, here are a few photos to enjoy. Click on the photo to enlarge it and see its rich color.

Our silver maple in the front yard

Jacob's angel in the leaves


Matt said...

Beautiful! We're about a week short of peak leaf color here in my part of Virginia (back home, in SW Virginia, I think they're already in the midst of autumn glory!), but a strong wind blew through last night and knocked many down before we could even enjoy them. And there's something less enchanting about admiring a leaf's color as you're raking it into a bag.

- Matt

Dave said...

We really didn't have much of an autumn here as far as "fall colors" were concerned. The leaves turned, of course, but the skies were grey and drizzly most of the time, then the hard rains and (&$%^#!) snow came and the wind blew the leaves right down. So now our yards and streets are matted down with cold wet tree rubbish that no one feels like raking up quite yet. It was sunny today but the wind was kind of fierce and we all stayed inside on our street and I suspect in most of the neighborhoods in our state.

You were lucky and/or attentive to get the nice pictures when you did.

Anonymous said...

We are a couple of weeks behind you here in MD (you know, outside of DC ;-)) and I need to get out this week and take some pictures of the bright blue sky and the orange and red leaves. Such a sight to see.

Sorry about your Bengals yesterday! I could not get the game here but I followed the scores online.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of your locale.

julieunplugged said...

Hey DC girl! :) :)

The loss was disappointing, but not crushing. The Bengals playedmuch more like themselves, the game was exciting and Michael Vick simply could not be beat yesterday. He is AMAZING!

I love my Bengals though and still hope that they can "run the table" now.

Post photos of your locale on your blog! I'd love to see them.