Friday, October 06, 2006

Truth: the First Victim in Politics

Here's my UPI column, a day late.

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to detatch from ideology. Not as easy as one would like it to be.

Sorry this blog has been so quiet. I've got my mother here, I was out of town earlier in the week on business and my five kids suddenly are clamoring for rides to all parts of Cincinnati. I miss keeping up with all of you and hope to catch up on your blogs this week.

A couple quickies: Congrats to my friend at Musings for her new blog that is featuring blog contests!

As I type, the Tigers are ahead 6-0 over the Yanks in the eighth with one win a piece so clearly we should be happy for Dave!

And finally, a big congratulations to my editor, Larry, who revamped our Religions and Spirituality site at UPI. Looks beautiful! (Now it tracks the most read columns in the center aisle too!) You can see what your favorite columnists look like by clicking on columnists.

Hope to see you all soon in cyberspace.


SusansPlace said...

ahhh Julie, I'm glad you are back! I noticed that you are in the "center" most viewed column. Kudos! :-)

I'm so thankful there is a group that will take me - the P-Tiddy's!
My kids were looking at me askance as I read your article. Why does Mama keep vigorously shaking her head up and down, while repeating "Yes!" with increasing volume? ;-)

Every word rang true. The suggestions are good too....except I think I'll substitute old movies for sports. Oh, I almost spewed coffee on the pee in the water comment. We just have to break all the rules, don't we.

Thanks Julie, as always, you hit the nail on the head.


Kansas Bob said...

My experience voting for the 'right' people has led me to believe that ideology can really take you to some strange places and cause you to regret past voting choices. I am tired of getting no where voting pro-life and pro-Christian. I am tired of being manipulated by power-hungry religious people. I am weary.

Politicians that I have voted for don't have a heart for poor people - for people who make minimum wage ... for people who don't have health insurance ... for people who really suffer from prices at the pump ... for people who are losing their jobs because of corporate greed.

I hope to be more discerning on the first Tuesday of next month.

Bilbo said...

Dittos to what Bob just said...

Bilbo said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for discovering and identifying a new disorder. I'll pass it on to my psychology students next semester. I especially liked the sports, being helpful to others, eating,drinking, and be merry, and...being kind to yourself. If you can't be kind to yourself I have discovered your'e in big trouble....I love to eat but confess I have never been able acquire a taste for alchohol,tea, coffee, or anything else that one might get a little buzz off. I guess it comes with the territory of living in the belly of the "fundamentalist" beast as long as I did...where.... the pleasures of this world were to be shunned at all costs.

Dave said...

Julie, your extended time away seems to have had a positive "loading up" effect because your column was full of great one-liners and just-right flourishes of acerbic humor.

And thanks for the shout-out for the Tigers. I can hear in the TV commentators a sense of dread that their beloved (and ratings-generating) Yankees may not make it past this weekend in the postseason. Even though I'm a resident of flyover country, I understand the allure of a potential coast-to-coast series (either NY team vs. Oakland or the Dodgers) but I think a rematch of the 1968 World Series (Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals) would suit Middle America just fine!

julieunplugged said...

Thank you, thank you!

It's so nice to hear from everyone. I am surprised to seemy column in the most viewed column of the new site. It wasn't last night. Probably popped up due to all of you heading over en masse. :)

They also have a comments box there now so that's new. Twill be interesting to see if anyone else comments there (people not connected to me here).

All is better this week. I spoke to a Catholic homeschool group earlier in the week and it was *wonderful* - a balm to my beleagured soul.

Things feel better this week. Hopeful.

I miss everyone here and hope to be more active online after my mom leaves Tuesday. (Of course then I have 80 pages to read and a paper to write.... but that's nothing. :))


Matt said...

Julie, so glad you popped by to say hello. Got the big trip to Bermuda tomorrow for a week (the last before the baby is born in February), so I'm looking forward to getting away to the land of drinks, sun (although the forecast there is for rain all week), and lots of relaxation. I'll miss my little girl terribly, but she'll be in good hands with Pa-Pa and Ga-Ga!

It was so odd hearing from you when I did -- I had thought earlier today about shooting you an e-mail to see how things were going, since you had been so quiet. Glad to hear you're having fun with your family -- and I look forward to filling everyone in on the trip when I get back.


Anonymous said...

LOVE it, are playing my song with this one!

TiaDavidandOurLittleChickens said...

" I'm also recovering from Post-Traumatic Ideology Disorder (P-TID). Symptoms include: muddy convictions, seeing grey, a tendency to barf up old slogans in awkward settings, yelling at both rightwing talk radio and NPR, and a chronic desire to indulge all vices — drink hard liquor, dance, cuss — and to harm small animals in cosmetics testing while wearing a fur coat."

Yup...that "tendancy to barf up old slogans in awkward settings" unsettling that is!!! Why, oh why, when I'm in the midst of trying to re-articulate what I think and feel, do I get into those "backed into a corner" moments where the old stuff just spews out everywhere instead of something more honest as to where I "am", albeit more brief? I was thinking the other day that I actually find myself in a "defend the position" more often when I'm moving OUT of the position! Weird, floating-foundation kind of place to be.