Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mel's Year of Living Dangerously

This week's UPI Column features a compare and contrast between fallen Christian celebrity Mel Gibson and Rock Star "we all want him to be our kind of Christian" Bono.



Matt said...

Julie, this column is another one of those "nudges" that I'm getting in my life on a very regular basis -- all of which have led me into my discernment process. Thanks for another great one.

- Matt

isaiah said...

I agree with your take on Bono, who seems to let the spirit move through him instead of the other way around. I've always looked up to Bono because he does admit his faults- makes me want to sing with him louder and follow him lending support when and where I can.

Mel has nothing but opportunity in front of him now. He has the ability to 'get out of his own way' should he choose- sad thing is, it's really very hard process, but it's the process that saves, not the result.

I wish him well. Great column.

Kansas Bob said...

Another insightful column Julie. I really agree with this:

"Actions in the name of religion preach."

I just wonder what message they 'preach' :)

Mel's fixation on the brutality of the cross has troubled me. My wife and I have never wanted to see "The Passion" ... guess that I have wondered why believers were drawn to see it. For us, we didn't think that exposing ourselves to that level of brutality would be beneficial to our souls ... maybe our minds will change in the future.

I pray that Mel will receive healing for his soul when he deals with his alchoholism. He has been exposed big time and has an opportunity to deal with issues that seem to have troubled him most of his life. I also pray that Bono will come to grips with the things that trouble his soul and cause him to drink to the point of ucounsiousness.

jim said...

Great article as usual. I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine just after "All that you can't leave behind." about how impressed I was with Bono's ability to fuse spirituality with life and that I thought he was one of the best witnesses for real christian faith.

My friend single handedly dismissed it all by saying "But, what about the drinking?" Personal piety is much more important to some people than actually living out a grace filled live and seeking to let your faith inform all that you are and do.

Thanks again for another insightful column.

julieunplugged said...

Bono does drink a lot and it has worried me in the past. Like a mother worries for a son.

I finally gave that up when I realized he's a whole year older than me. :)

And... incidentally, how bono lives is beyond my control. What I do love about him, though, consistently, is that I am intrigued enough to keep paying attention, and then sometimes, even act. That seems to be a gift and he's got it.


Anonymous said...

I see it a little differently. I think Mel needs the same grace as Bono. They are both sinners. Maybe Mel hasn't owned up to it as well in public (hmmm, can Bono be a little proud of his bad boy status?) but what's the difference, really? Both Mel and Bono are mixed bags, like the rest of us.

I say neither really situation (spewing racial slurs or falling down drunk) means much except maybe both have a long way to go to live a life glorifying God.

God works through sinners! Thank God!

julieunplugged said...

God may use them both, but I was commenting on how people view them. I find it interesting that the public was so hard on Mel while giving a pass to Bono. :)

I agree - neither of them seems to handle alcohol responsibly.