Saturday, August 05, 2006

Contemporary Issues of Justice: Fall 2006

Paul Knitter, me and James Buchanan

My fall course will look at models of justice in responding to current global issues. My professor is Dr. James Buchanan who team-taught my Comparative Religious Ethics course last fall with Dr. Paul Knitter (photo above... aren't they cute?).

Dr. Buchanan directs the Brueggeman Center which is a center promoting peace through dialog:
The Brueggeman Center seeks to foster dialogue that is
1) interreligious,
2) interdisciplinary,
3) intercultural, and
4) interinstitutional

It will be great to finally be able to talk with reasonable intelligence with the likes of Dave, master of the argument for pacifism.

I'm sure we'll get to talk about what I'm learning when I get into the fall semester. We start on the 28th. Do you realize I only have two classes left for my MA and one paper? I might be wearing a cap and gown next June. Wouldn't that be something?


Dave said...

This is very cool, Julie. I look forward to reading more on the justice/non-violence topics that you'll be learning about. I don't consider myself a master compared to a number of people that I know around here, but I appreciate the affirmation! I know that I'll benefit from the inquiries and challenges that you'll toss out here and to our email group.

Nice pic too, btw.

Is there a connection between Edward Brueggeman and Walter Brueggeman, the more famous (to me, anyway) theologian?

Matt said...

Julie, that's great that you're so close to your master's degree. I had started on my master's degree several years ago in theological studies, but when my boss at the time retired and we had a big switchover at work, I was forced to give it up and haven't gotten back to it.

I still consider going back from time to time, and I'm worried that if I wait too long I'll never get back to it. However, if my discernment process ultimately does lead me to seminary, I'll get more in the way of theological studies than I could possibly imagine!

Look forward to hearing about your classes and discussions as well. And I know I speak for everyone when I say that we look forward to seeing that cap-and-gown photo!!

Anonymous said...

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