Monday, August 28, 2006

Even when he's beatable, he's unbeatable

So read one headline referring to Tiger Woods' play-off World Championship triumph yesterday, marking the fourth-in-a-row win for Woods, on the tenth anniversary of his entry into professional golf. Uncanny.

Heart-stopping round, really, and yet he figures out how to come out on top... again.

ESPN has a nice week long tribute to Tiger here that recaps his ten years as a pro.

The fact that Woods managed to make a hole in one in his professional debut established early an aspect of Woods that remains to this day: He has the ability to be the news even when he is not the news. In that regard, he is on that short list of athletes who can succeed even in failure, a list that includes Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan.

Gotta love his young face.


julieunplugged said...

Just wanted to point out the Nike logos on his hat and shirt and how his arm with the club almost look like the swish!

He signed with Nike for $40 million in endorsements before he won a single tournament and when golf related sales made up less than 2% of Nike's total revenue. He's changed all that. :)


Dave said...

I don't know if Bono reads your blog or not but if he does, I bet he's feeling a bit jilted these days...

julieunplugged said...

If Bono reads this blog, then let me say this loud and clear


Okay back to reality. :)

You knowme by now Dave... I'm the floating fan. My fan-ness is related to seasons. Right now, Tiger is in the news and Bono not so much. but if U2 goes on tour and Tiger is off-season scuba-diving without gear, we'll get back to bad-boy Bono. :)


brian said...

I feel a little sorry for Stewart Cink. He played an amazing round and a FANTASTIC last two holes and then great in the playoff. But, he was up against a legend in the making.

I'm glad you were there at Chuck's yesterday, Julie. I don't know how I would have pulled off watching the tournament without you and Jon there. I was actually kind of glad when Tiger made the four bogeys in a row on Saturday. I figured if he wasn't in contention, I wouldn't care about missing the round on Sunday. I'm sure CBS is glad he bounced back.


Dave said...

Re: "floating fan"... Let's not forget last autumn's fling with Heath and Jake. You shameless hussy! ;o)

julieunplugged said...

Brian: Yes! I thanked Jon who was the one who had the guts to ask to turn the TV on for golf. I don't think I'd have done it. Your enthusiasm made it fun.

Dave: At least I pick pretty nice-looking guys for my fan-efforts.

Did I mention that Carson Palmer will be playing tonight for the first time in the Bengals pre-season game?

Hmmm. I need to identify some women on whom to lavish attention. :)

Julie, the hussy fan.

Dave said...

Carson Palmer squelched a lot of the doubts that some commentators were starting to air re: all the mental hang-ups he supposedly had about his reconstructed knee. Nice timing for the Bengals to light a fire for the hometown fans, as the Reds are looking kind of shaky after the weekend sweep in San Francisco!

I suppose Mr. Palmer will make a few appearances here when golf goes on hiatus and the snow starts flying...

Chuck said...

We actually found ourselves watching more sports in the past week than ever before - I watched half the Bengals game last night. I think having a new teenager in the house who is an avid fan will rub off on us. We also saw the great underdog movie "Invincible" on Friday night, and it whetted my appetite for football. However, I still don't understand the competitive spirit and contact sports that can easily result in major injury...