Monday, August 22, 2005

When the NML talks, I listen

You know the NML (Non-Material Layer) is working overtime when Kim Possible and Six Feet Under have the same message a day apart.

Kim Possible's nemesis Shego said to the bad guy: "What's the point of taking over the world if you don't stop to smell the roses?"

From Six Feet Under. Dead father talking to discouraged son who is still alive.

Nathaniel: "You're alive, you can do anything you want."

David: "It can't be that simple."

Nathaniel: "What if it is?"

What indeed?


Kim said...

We LOVE Kim Possible here. I try to convince Jesse that I'm KP, but she doesn't believe it.

On the NML front, have you checked out The site sends you a message from the Universe each day. Amazingly enough, the messages have been dead-on with what I am dealing with. Worth the daily mail.

Have an excellent day!

:) Kim

Bari B. said...

When I heard that quote during the show I had an "ah ha" moment myself. Loved it!