Monday, August 22, 2005

Good stuff

Tiger won the NEC in Ohio. I love to watch him get out of trouble.

Six Feet Under passed gracefully from HBO. I loved that Claire lived to 102 and that she married un-hip Ted. Thought all the story lines developed beautifully and logically. Cried so many times. Think Brenda is a model of courage to overcome family demons.

Made sugar cookies with Caitrin after swimming at the YMCA. Cookies taste great with tea. Caitrin sang the whole time we cookie cut stars and boots and trees.

I added another 5000 words to my novel of the month this weekend. This is the final stretch. What will happen to my heroine Sami?

The weather is cooler (low nineties now) and I got a new used Dodge Caravan 2001.

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