Friday, October 17, 2008

My professor, Adam Clark, mused on FB this a.m.

Adam is wondering why Democrats are forced to distance themselves from sixties radicals but Republicans never have to distance themselves from sixties segregationists.

Yeah, I wonder that too!


Bill Kinnon said...

Perhaps because most of the sixties segregationists were Southern Democrats - Dixicrats as they were known.

Even I, a Canadian, knew this. Yeesh!

Julie Ann said...

:) Good one.

Perhaps men like Republican Senator Jessie Helms?

Helms was an outspoken conservative who opposed many progressive policies regarding race such as school integration, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.[7][8][6] Helms also reminded voters that he tried, with a 16-day filibuster, to stop the Senate from approving a national holiday to honor black civil-rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.[9][10][11] Helms was also a "master obstructionist" and self-described "redneck" who relished his nickname, “Senator No”.[7][12][9] He opposed, at various times, civil rights, gay rights, affirmative action, tax increases, abortion, foreign aid, communism, and government support for modern art with nudity.[12][6][13][14][15] Helms brought "an aggressiveness" to his conservatism, like his rhetoric against homosexuality, and employed racially charged language in his campaigns and editorials.[4][16