Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm here! I'm here! And this is my 1001th post!

I hit the big 1,000 on September 24, apparently. Nice.

Anyway, yes, thanks for the emails asking me if I was yet dead, trapped in a time capsule or suffering from campaign fatigue.

Truth is, I'm burning the midnight oil for Barack. We are winning now in every meaningful poll and even in my highly Republican neighborhood, Obama/Biden signs are popping up like daisies. The enthusiasm is high here. When I wear my t-shirt with the graphic depiction of Barack's handsome face, checkers at the grocery store, newly minted 18 year old voters and fellow secret Obama fans give me the thumbs' up or compliment me on my good taste. It's fun supporting the "winner" in what is hostile territory.

Last weekend I canvassed in a neighborhood right around the corner from me. One of the recurring themes that continues to surprise me is that those over 60 are still pretty sure Obama is a secret Muslim. What I really want to know is why more people aren't worried that McCain is really a secret apathetic agnostic? Just because John says the right lines in public is no guarantee that he has a genuine, life-guiding faith. His biography certainly doesn't have the ring of Christian authenticity that Carter, or Reagan, or Bush have had (no matter what you think of their politics!).

Meanwhile, Obama (baptized, married in church, tied to a controversial pastor of a well-known Christian church) is still suspect as being a secret Muslim with terrorist connections that he seeks to activate (once president) to undermine the country! Mind-bending how deep our racism goes.

As far as other things in my life: well, my business website is in the middle of a kick-ass redesign. I'm so excited about it! It requires a lot of attention, though, to get it up to roll out speed so that is sucking my energy too.

And lastly, well, you all recall I'm in therapy (aka, emotional vacuum cleaner). Every week seems to suck a little more of my life points and right now I'm in need of some serious rejuvenation. Have to go get some lifes from some other source! :) I'm fine really, but just absorbed the way a native southern Californian is when navel-gazing and introspecting for any length of time.

But back to Obama:

Three reasons he should be our next president:
1. Obama has resisted the temptation to over-react to just about every crisis thrown his way. He drafted a game plan for his campaign (no drama, debate issues), he transmitted his philosophy to his staff of 2500 who have in turn trained their voluminous (magnificent!) cast of volunteers so that we are capable and confident of the campaign philosophy, and he has addressed every concern raised by the media and voters without stunts, hurling insults, or sleight of hand moves intended to deflect attention away from him. No stunts.

Obama represents the one candidate who has not even had a real break in schedule or competition in 18 months yet still looked fresh, had passion and demonstrated ease and competence with our nation's major issues at last week's debate.

2. Obama brings change because he brings it from the people. He is not posturing as the person with the plan, but the person with the people's hungers and desires. "Change does not come from Washington, it comes to Washington."

Obama openly and readily acknowledged McCain's good points at the debate, while nuancing them to reflect his views. McCain, on the other hand, wouldn't even look at Obama and repeatedly claimed Obama "didn't understand." Who of the two appeared more able to reach across the aisle... or in this case, the podium, to find common ground?

3. Finally, Obama is the candidate who has captured the imagination of the electorate (both dems and reps). He isn't merely the lesser of two evils in his party or the best his party could do at a time when the base and the mainstream are deeply divided. Obama represents more than a change of party or face in Washington. Obama represents the kind of enthusiasm Reagan generated when he ran in 1980. There's a shift in the winds. Americans sense it. They envision Obama as the one who will create the momentum necessary to address the national crises created by Team Bush. Not McCain.

Even McCain supporters sense this. The vast majority of McCain supporters I've met door-to-door are not McCain fans. They are afraid of Obama (often due to misinformation) or they like Palin.

So vote No-drama Obama! And if you are in Ohio, you can vote NOW!


rmkton said...


so glad you are back blogging again...I see that Obama is leading now in OH. Even here in the mostly Republican suburbs of Phila., Obama has a 2 point lead which is saying quite a lot in this area.

SUSAN said...

Sounds like you have been busy! Thanks for the update. :-)