Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I met Sarah Palin!

In my dreams last night. She was, actually, really nice. Last night I saw her on television with Down's Syndrome children at her rallies and felt warm toward her for possibly the first time. I can't deny that giving visibility to special needs children is a much welcomed aspect of her remarkable run (a run for v.p. that continues to mystify me on the level of real public policy, but that apparently is connecting at the heart level with a huge number of moms everywhere).

Here's the funny thing: I just got a call (robocall) from John Boehner (our local congressman) inviting me to a free Sarah Palin rally on Friday here in West Chester! Good grief. So now the question is, Do I bother to go? Perhaps she really is wanting to meet me! What do the interpreters of dreamz think? Say?

Still seems nightmarish to contemplate her running the country. But I'm fascinated by her fan-base and her ability to create in the eyes of her fans, a real zeal and faith in her despite any concrete evidence that she is competent to lead our nation!

This has been a surreal election season. Were they ever this interesting when we were kids?


Drew said...

I think it's amusing that at the time she is being lauded for her celebrity to energize the McCain campaign, the ads about Obama's self-aggrandizing celebrity have suddenly disappeared just like the ads about his experience suddenly vanished after she was selected.

julieunplugged said...

I so agree! I also find it absurd that the same people who told me I liked Obama for his vague speeches (patently not true, nor are his speeches vague) are quick to embrace Sarah after having heard only one speech and not a single press conference!

They see no contradiction in this because they see Sarah reflecting all the values they project onto her.

Glenn Beck said recently that he hopes Sarah Palin spends the next four years studying so she'll be ready to go in 2012! I gasped! Do the R's really see her as the future of the party? If so, they are toast.

Mike L. said...

If you go, please try to resist yelling "terrorist" and "kill her" during the rally. I know that is tough ;)

I won't say anything if you decide to wear a beauty pageant sash or sip water from an oil can.

jo(e) said...

I'm laughing at mike l.'s comment.

SUSAN said...

Oh yes, do go! The timing is too uncanny.

Sarah Palin represents you in some say the dream folks. ;-)

Report back, with your observations.


brian said...

When you say "free Sarah Palin" rally is that a rally to release Sarah Palin or a rally for which there is no fee to attend?

Sarah Palin is an amazing (and scary) phenomenon to me. Frankly, I can understand people saying they are going to vote Republican no matter what. I can understand people voting for the candidate that says he's pro-life no matter what. I can even understand people saying they are voting for McCain, in spite of Sarah Palin. But, I cannot understand anyone excited about the prospects of Sarah Palin in the White House a heart beat away with a 72 year old man as the President. I think I will have to hold my breath for an entire 4 years.

Surely, Glenn Beck was joking. I've never listened to him (read a couple of his articles). He has to have more of a brain than that.

I might go to the rally out of curiosity (if it's not too much of a hassle). But, if I do, I'm sure I'll come back depressed. So...

Shaun said...

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