Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lakota West Band is expected to play at Palin event

We are registering complaints at the Board of Elections and The Lakota School District as well as Lakota West High School.

Publicly funded schools should not take kids out of classes to perform at a campaign rally for a particular candidate since we do not promote one candidate or party over another in school itself.

Phone numbers to call:

Lakota West High School: (513) 874-5699

Lakota School District Board of Education: (513) 874-5505

Board of Elections Hamilton County: (513) 887-3700


brian said...
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SUSAN said...

Interesting. Do you think it's ok to take public school kids on a field trip to see a gay marriage? ;-)


Mary Heimert said...

The teachers will thank you if you manage to keep the students in school. Too often, music students are pulled from their classes for special events and miss the topics explained that day. This is a real problem in schools, especially in math and science classes.

Julie Ann said...

Wow - do they do that? (Susan) No I wouldn't be in favor of that.

I think kids get taken out of classes too much as it is. Our kids missed nearly an entire week of school due to the wind storm and we haven't even had snow days yet! They will likely have to go late into June to make it up.

SUSAN said...

I do not know the laws regarding when/where/why kids can be taken out of school. I remember going on l field trip per year and then OF COURSE we could leave early for football games, as I was in the drill team. I am sure the line must be drawn somewhere.
I suspect the school saw this as a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity for the band kids.


John in Cincinnati said...

Hi Julie,

Nope. I don't think it's right. Four years ago their was a similar situation with a Bush-Cheney rally.

It's an entirely different thing if an event is for the Pres. as Pres. but NOT for a political event.