Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tiger Woods for President!

Oh wait... well, it's just I'm so caught up in emotionalism and the hype, the sense that Tiger is the greatest man today, based on his two eagles and that ridiculous birdie, and the crowds cheering... I just imagined that all that drama and emotion must mean that Tiger Woods should be president! At least, that's what I've been told. Excitement is emotionalism is validation of qualification which leads inexorably to voting.

In any event (in any golfing, football, primary campaign), just wow!!! Those last six holes of the third round, with Tiger grimacing in pain because of his slowly recovering knee, wincing away from the camera, walking up the fairways like an old man, while holing an 80 foot putt, a chip in birdie (as it obeyed the flag pole, dropping into the cup where all Tiger highlight shots are meant to go) and a final 18th hole eagle from 30 feet to take sole possession of the lead... well, if you love golf, and you love drama: today you got both! What a day!

So off to bed for me.

I won't be surprised at all to find out that by morning, Tiger is running for president, and Obama is playing his final round... They are both just stand out guys who do what they do extraordinarily well and never cease to surprise and inspire me.


Ed G. said...

Hi Juie... I came across your post just as Tiger is standing over his putt on 18. Guess I'm live blogging (or commenting) Oh my Googmess, it just went in! Playoff tomorrow!

Yours Truly said...

How about them Laker's? Can they win in Boston???


Jon said...

Tiger is a tiger--proud, strong, beautiful, and powerful. Like President Obama.