Saturday, June 21, 2008

Firefox 3.0: Hate the lack of colors and white space


Yes, the Awesome Bar is "awesome," I guess. I'm non-committal. If awesome is ever just "okay" and "somewhat awesome" then that name works... I suppose, maybe.

But I hate that the tabs are grey with black type: can't see the titles without lasik eye surgery! I hate that the cute little refresh, history and stop buttons are black/grey without the cool colorful look of the previous Firefox. The whole thing reminds me of Netscape Navigator from eons ago... or the current Safari, which is one Apple program I'd like to take out back for a visit with the belt in my hand.

I do think the "Clipmarks" thingy is made of awesome. :) So glad someone thought of that. My one praise for the new version.

Sigh. I want color! I want white space!

I want, I want! When I get something free off the Internet that is supposed to improve my life, I expect it to be all that, all about me and perfect. Is that too much to ask?


Kansas Bob said...

Sigh.. the trials of a Mac owner :(

I love my Slimbrower :)

musing said...

I hate it when "new and improved" turns out to be just "new" (Typepad I'm looking at you).

jo(e) said...

I hate the new look too.

But it does seem to be a little faster.