Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lakers choke: Blow a 24 pt lead

Seriously. Why watch? Basketball is so volatile. I only watch when the Lakers are in it as we grew up on the Lakers. But this is just shameful. How do you blow a 24 pt. lead at home in the play-offs?

...Unless perhaps, Boston just is a better team! Sure as hell looks like it. Their defense made the Lakers look like they'd poured cement in their sneakers for the whole second half.

And then there's Tiger at the US Open: double bogeying, twice. But he is cool as a cucumber saying,
"To make two double bogeys and a three-putt and only be four back, that's a great position to be in, because I know I can clean that up tomorrow," Woods said after his first competitive round since the Masters.
Yeah, well, let's see.

I'm just glad I don't have a baseball team to root for. I need until August to lower my blood pressure.


my15minutes said...

You can only imagine all the hooting and hollering around here last night at that turnaround. Bill's a huge Celtics/Red Sox/Patriots fan -- which for years meant he had a thick skin, but of course now means that he's basking in the glory days. His analysis is that Kobe thinks he's God and disses his team members, whereas the Celtics support each other as a team with assists. As for me, I primarily enjoy watching the fans here at home react to it all.

Yours Truly said...

I just couldn't believe it. We were pulling for the Lakers because they beat the Spurs...Texas team...and I told John in the second quarter, "I think we can say we have it in the bag." He responded, "Don't say that." lol

Still shaking my head!!


julieunplugged said...

Beth!! Ha ha. Bill is such a homer.

I do think the Celtics are the better team. Kobe has improved a lot this year in terms of maturity. But the rest of the team is just too young, I think.

NoVA Dad said...

I won't gloat at all -- I'll only say, "Go Celtics!!!" :-)