Saturday, June 14, 2008

Obama Campaign Calls on Volunteers

to assist in the flooded areas of the midwest. Using his donor list as well as the community blogs and his website, Team Obama is marshaling its people power to help out in the most vulnerable communities.

Read the letter emailed to the local donors here.
...the folks in Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska and Kansas are not only dealing with the floods but have been devastated by the worst tornado season we've had in 10 years.
If you live locally, please respond. The rest of us can go to the Obama website and donate to the Red Cross.

What a decent thing to do in the middle of fund-raising for your own campaign. I read at DKos that Obama will be sandbagging in Quincy IL along with the rest of the volunteer team. When I signed onto the Obama campaign, I hoped by putting Obama in office, we the people would matter in government, in helping each other across communities. I'm a bit shell-shocked that that possibility is already being realized and it's only June!

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