Thursday, April 17, 2008

Midlife Mess

Must be the forties.

I went to California because my mom invited me to celebrate her 70th birthday. I imagined a trip filled with sunshine; friends; good food; UCLA; dinner with my dad; time with my sister, aunt and mother; and a solid dose of the California crunchies (healthy food, tan bodies, beaches and surfers, tattoo parlors next to drug stores, recycling bins on street corners and traffic).

A friend wrote in an email that I was on an "epic journey" and I smirked. Yeah, right. Ten days in my home state. What's epic about that?

Apparently everything.

I want to write about that trip, about the various impressions and emotions that broke over my head like the egg-mayonnaise-avocado shampoo concoction of the 1970s. I've got journal notes and emails to comb through.

Stay tuned. There's more coming.


Yours Truly said...

I am tuned in and have the volume turned up. ;-)


brian said...

I was wondering what happened to you. I can't imagine Julie with writer's block. ;-)

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.