Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kindness Work: by Kimmy

My entries from my epic journey will continue to roll out. They're taking me between three and five days to write (similar to working on a book chapter). What an odyssey it is to work through the writing of the insights, not just having had them. Thanks for sharing in the journey with me. If you are writing about midlife anywhere and want me to know about it and share it with others, I hope you'll drop me an email or post in the comments.

Today, though, I want to feature a blog entry that brought me to the brink of tears. Kimmy shares about what she calls "Kindness Work."

That brings me to "Kindness Work." What the heck is that? To me it is old fashioned community. Kindness work is something we used to not need a name for because when someone in our community was ailing, troubled, vulnerable, sad, sick, or otherwise in need of support there was SOMEONE there to lend a hand. Whether it be a friend, a family member, church congregations, or a neighborhood do gooder. In this modern life, it is harder to come by that kind of support. Therein lies the reason people all over are engaging in kindness work. Choosing to be kind is a choice you can make just like being overscheduled, self involved or sarcastic is a choice.

Read the whole entry. I want to make magic wands and deliver them! How do you spread kindness where you are? Give us more ideas. Thanks Kimmy!


kimmy said...

Thanks for spreading the word Julie !

Bilbo said...

Hi Julie,

I have been following this story very closely and it does seem to be a case of the Politics of fear at its worst. Last night I watched one news station after another talk about the Reverend Wright's comments at the press club but I don't remember ever actually hearing what "he" had actually said... but I noticed in the background they continually ran snippets of Wright waving his hands up and down and side to side...Obviously, implying the man was crazy and dangerous...Am curious to hear what you thought about Barack's response...Personally, it seems he had no other choice to distance himself again. I noticed he didn't use the word denounce, as I am sure his critics would have liked, but he did concede the relationship had changed and he was deeply hurt and saddened. At this stage of the political process I don't ever remember any candidate getting bombarded from so many sides at once...Hillary, Bill, McCain, and the Republican party in North Carolina who have been running the Reverend Wright hit pieces...yet...Despite all of this, Obama is doing very well in recent Gallup Polls regarding his electability,honesty, and ability to connect with the people...go figure...One wonders though, how anyone, or how long Obama can survive if this onslaught continues from so many different angles...P.S...If you get the itch I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about Black Liberation Theology which has become a side issue of the Wright controversy. I have a sense of what it is but I have heard a lot of really crazy stuff being thrown out on this subject in the last couple of days....