Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Word-Slinger Writes God

Today's UPI column comes from a final I wrote for a class called "Approaches to God." This piece was an attempt at writing an analogy for God. I also wrote an apophatic reflection, a psalm and a lamentation for that final.

It's a short piece, but it seemed to be a good choice for today and how I'm seeing God two years later, even.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the problem with words is that words are a part of the cognitive process of understanding God. Maybe the only way we can (partially) understand and relate to God is on a sub-cognitive level. Possibly that is what Paul not-so-subtly references when he speaks of the words/tongues of men and angels?

Matt said...

That's an absolutely marvelous column -- you've done such a tremendous job in condensing an overwhelming topic into this piece without taking an iota of the importance of a word/THE word/the WORD away from what you are exploring. And depending on the faith background of your readers, God is also a word that CAN'T be spoken.

I'm linking to this one -- I think many folks would be enriched by what you've written.

Best to you,

rdl said...

Wow! I liked to see the other 3 for that final, you mention. Nice job!