Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Did you see Pete Rose's latest antics?

Coach Bill Cowher actually said Ben Roethlisberger plays well when he's sick (he registered a temp of 104 yesterday before the game). After last night's stellar performance, I say, schedule surgery on Ben's pancreas right before the Bengals game so he'll be in top form!

And I must sing a dirge to Notre Dame. I grew up the daughter of a Notre Dame fanatic and alum. (Said father is understandably in hiding this week. I will send chocolates.)
Tear, tear for old Notre Dame
Put to bed the ashes whispering her name...

College football had it all: scandal, upsets and the University of Cincinnati on national TV!

Edited to add: Bengal linebacker David Pollack is out for the season with a broken neck. What a dangerous game! What mother in her right mind lets her sons play football?

More theology later. :)


Matt said...

The Jaguars defense looked phenomenal last night -- at least my beloved Cowboys set the trend of losing to them first (although we did do a better job by scoring 17 points!!).

Bilbo said...

Hi Julie,

I can't join you in your "dirge" to Notre Dame since I am a USC Trojan "fan" actic...and...I am not too surprised since I believe Notre Dame was given way too much lovin by the media before the season began. It took Carroll and the USC program three years to get the kind of respect Notre Dame was granted this year....I do like Charlie Weis and predict they will bounce back but I am not going to loose any sleep over Notre Dame losses this year and I hope USC routs them later in the year. Don't think that will happen and won't be surprised if USC loses. USC has a long way to go to reach the level of play from the past two seasons but their talent is as good as anyone else in the nation which gives them a chance. I predict they will loose two games this year but watch out for next year.....

Dave said...

Not once... NOT ONCE!!! do I hear the Wolverines getting their props in all of this. Instead, everyone is fretting and huddling over the mangled wreckage of the Golden Domers wondering what, o what, went wrong?

Please folks, let's give credit where it is due. Ann Arbor is where I'll be fixing my attention when it comes to quality football this year. (That is, until they blow it as they inevitably will...)

julieunplugged said...

Let'ssee, Mike and Mike in the Morning both gave the Wolverines their due (evenn though Mike G is an ND alum), Colin Cowherd gavetheWomverines their due (though he doesn't yet believe that their coach deserves the accolades the fans are now heaping on him), and Dan Patrick gave the Wolverines their due. Oh, and Erik Kasileas. :)

They all agreed ND was overrated.:)


julieunplugged said...

--- who spent an unfortunate amount of time in the car today and yesterday hence the knowledge of every espn talk show hosts opinion.