Friday, September 08, 2006

Head Cold and Flu Undermines Blogging

I would blog, but my head says no. Hoping that the weekend says elsewise.

In Sports:
Can't bring myself to write anything about the Reds.

Shout out to Tiger for last week's fifth-in-a-row win.

Boo-hiss to the Steelers. Rather than focus on those Super Bowl usurpers, I'm linking to a piece about Carson Palmer's swift recovery.

ESPN's Eric Casillias picked the Bengals to go to the Super Bowl yesterday, though he says they won't win it.

We'll see. Tiger stripes are everywhere in this town. Here's crossing fingers and praying rosaries that Carson's knee holds up on Sunday against Kansas City and leads to a terrific season.


Kansas Bob said...

I commiserate Julie. I was out of commission over Labor Day weekend with a bug.

Blessings to you Julie for a quick recovery and a great weekend!

Dave said...

No column this week either? Sorry to read that you're not feeling well.

The Reds faded pretty fast. Hate when that happens. The Giants went through a stretch like that at the beginning of August - they had actually been in first place for a day, then lost something like nine in a row after that. They are mounting some kind of comeback currently but they'll have to leap over a few teams to make the playoffs. If they don't, they'll know exactly where on the calendar they blew their chance.

"My" Tigers won a big game against the Twins last night, which gets this crucial series off to a good start. I think that "your" tigers (Bengals) will have a very good season as well and picking them for the Super Bowl is certainly quite reasonable. The Colts, Patriots and Steelers all have legitimate bids as well, and I can see others like Baltimore, Denver, Miami and maybe Kansas City making a bid if everything turns out just right.

So who from the NFC does Casillias expect to win? Is he going with Seattle, Carolina or Dallas? A Philly comeback? Maybe the New York Giants or Chicago Bears? I don't see as much viable strength in the NFC but of course some team will make a bid for the Lombardi trophy.

Nice talkin' sports with ya, Julie!

Matt said...

Hope you feel better soon! As much as I would like to see my Cowboys win the Super Bowl, I'm still convinced that signing T.O. was about the worst thing Jerry Jones could have done. I think Carolina is the best bet from the NFC.

And I'm hoping for a big weekend for the Bengals, too -- I've got Chad Johnson starting in one of my fantasy leagues!

Look forward to hearing you're back on your feet soon.

- Matt

OldMom said...

Get well and enjoy all the sports.

Rebecca C.