Sunday, September 10, 2006


9/11 is the day I went into labor ten years ago when my daughter Caitrin would be born on 9/12. She got her ears pierced today to celebrate her decade on the planet.

But 9/11 will never be remembered as the date of anticipation again since 2001. Matt posted a nice entry that I wanted to feature as a way of remembering (and also to introduce you to his very nice blog!).

Sting's CD "All This Time" was recorded on 9/11/01 in Italy and is the one I play every year to remember. His voice breaks in the opening song "Fragile" which says it all for me.

Peace to you and everywhere today.


Matt said...

Thanks for the free-advertisement about my blog -- and thanks especially for your very kind comments.....

Trailady said...

9/11 is right up there with Pearl Harbor. So tragic! I'm sorry it overshadowed a joyous moment in your life.

My daughter will be getting her ears pierce to celebrate her maturing into a young lady- kind of as a rite of passage. At the rate she's going- that won't be much longer.... I'm mixed in my emotions- hard and yet sweet to see them grow up.

Bless you!!