Saturday, April 01, 2006

UCLA Final Four - going all the way!

At least I hope so!

Being a Bruin alum, I picked UCLA to win the whole dance, but of course never really believed that they would. Yet they continue to hold their opponents to an average of 54 pts. a game and have pulled out in the clinch so many times now, you can't call it luck. What a great season!

So who are you rooting for tonight? Would love to see how all of your betting pools are working out.

My dream final two would be George Mason and UCLA. What about you?


Rick said...

If they lose you won't rant like you did about BBM will you?'s a joke! Remember you're my favorite. :)

julieunplugged said...

Oh I'll rant all right if it turns out the refs are anti-bruins - suffering from ursus californias phobias which leads to their marginalization on the side-lines.


Actually, I'm just so glad I get to see them play on TV. Usually out here east of the Mississippi, we never see any of the Pac Ten and only get to read about them on So for me, the final four is as much a chance to root for my team as it is to physically watch them play. :)


Dave said...

I am OK with UCLA making it to the Final Two but only if they lose to Florida. I have a very solid chance to win Wedgwood's bracket contest (out of something like 200 participants!) It's down to me and two other people who have a chance to win. I NEED Florida to win over George Mason, so I have seen enough of the Patriots and think their run is sufficiently memorable that it's time to end it tonight.

If Florida loses, I'm out. If LSU and Florida are the final pair, I am champ. If it's Florida and UCLA, that will be what I predicted, but if UCLA goes on to win the game, then Ivan will win. Kathy will win if the finale is LSU vs. George Mason, because she currently holds the lead but can't go any further up.

But if UCLA wins, I can at least be happy for you. But I really want that trophy! (No money involved, just prestige...)

jim said...

Sorry Julie, LSU all the way!!! Lived in New Orleans for nine years and worked a few of those for LSU Med School. Pluse my Louisiana pals need some good encouragment. Hold that Tiger!

julieunplugged said...

Well Dave is happy so far! Woo-hoo for Dave.

*But I am not going to countenance that other poster's comment about that purple team... what are they called again? The kittens?* [bg]

Go Bruins!