Monday, April 03, 2006

Live half time report

OUCH! Bruins getting beat.

Have to admit, I'm totally enjoying the Gators though. What a team! They look sweet - both aggressive offense and Noah... uh, defense. Yeah, the Gators look fantastic!

I would be sadder except that I love watching the Gators. They might make me a fan. :)

Just thought I'd post my positive outlook at the half since by the end I might be pretty sad for the Bruins. But Dave, I'll bet you're doin' the halftime happy dance!


Dave said...

Sheesh, we are on the same wavelength, or maybe at opposite ends of the same vibe? I'm checking my email and blog just like you - I commented on the game in a comment rather than a blog entry.

I like Florida's colors. Eye-popping blue and orange - I might just have to go buy some gear as a way of expressing my appreciation of all they've done for me in this tournament!

julieunplugged said...

OMG - this game is like a the long march. Ugh! Noah just set the record for blocks on NCAA tournament play: 6 blocks.

Bruins can't keep the ball. This is like a mirror image of LSU v. UCLA... Who would've thought...

jim said...

Sorry for your loss...that's how I was feeling on Saturday night watching LSU crumble...Gator's sure looked sharp and the way they were playing they would have made just about any team look bad.