Monday, March 27, 2006

Notes from real life

Hi everyone.

I'll be checking in with more detail over the next few days. I spent the weekend with my friends from the online forum I host: The Trapdoor Society. We have a retreat about every 18 months and have met five times around the US. This time was in Baton Rouge. Really great to be with cyber friends in person. Always amazing to see them with their real (dyed) hair, earrings, shoe choices, and tinkling laughter.

Came home to some difficult news. Jon has to leave his current forty hour a week job. They are giving us a good severance, but this means that we will now be launching into the less secure waters of home businesses and teaching. More details as we chart a course. It does feel daunting today, honestly.

Tweaked my back on the airplane so I'm a bit stiff and sore today. Still, we're going to try to see Jim Wallis at Xavier tonight. If I make it, I will most certainly report back with details here.

Thanks for your comments Dave and Bill on the UPI Column. Hope to respond to them in short order.


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