Friday, June 03, 2005

Shakespeare pix!

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Noah is the dashing long haired youth sitting in the front. He played Orlando.

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Here he is posing with congratulatory flowers.

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His grandparents flew in from California just for the occasion.

We took more photos tonight, but alas we weren't allowed to take them during the show. Tonight's performance was just as special as last night's. The director is a gem. He got emotional about it coming to an end. He told me that this group of students has become an ensemble. They went from being kids who act to becoming their own troupe. They got to know each other as actors, not just as friends. Their mutual admiration was evident in the generous way they act together. Such a supportive, non-competitive group of teens.

The Bard continues to bring bonding through the centuries.

Congratulations Noah.


australisa said...

Congrats, Noah and all other Bogarts!

The pics are great. I can feel the joy. :-)

bari said...

when I took my advanced lit kids to UNH to see, "Much Ado About Nothing", it was clear that the kids in the cast were tight. I think Shakespeare does that...really.

Dave said...

Nice pictures. Noah looks like he's pumped up and having a good time. Congratulations to you all - my twins had bit parts in their high school play this year and I know how much effort the entire family had to put into supporting them in various ways! I imagine that you are now feeling some relief after the exhiliration.