Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back from my trip to TX

and about to launch my new revised website for my biz. What that means is not much blogging for now.

I did want to mention that raising children with consciences is a demanding business! Our two girls (19 and 12) are both vegetarians (Johannah is vegan) and Thanksgiving is about to challenge us to a whole new level of conscientious eating.

Today, I googled Trader Joe's "cage free" eggs because for Caitrin, "cage-free" is not enough. Too many of these "cage-free" farms are still injurious to the chickens. We discovered, however, that TJ's eggs really are humanely produced and so, we can now use REAL eggs in our pumpkin pies, and so on, for Caitrin.

Of course that doesn't resolve Johannah's eating convictions, which refuse to be a part of any animal product produced in any context. But one egg at a time, right?


brian said...

Our girls' appetites have overcome their consciences. Kayla threatened to become a vegetarian for a short while. Shayna, too. But, they are serious carnivores.

Good luck with that vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Carol said...

Wow Julie! That would be mighty challenging. We knew a family that got a Tofu Turkey. I didn't see it though. I just helped clean their kitchen afterward. :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!

jo(e) said...

I'm vegan, and two of my kids are vegetarian. I go to my mother's on Thanksgiving and just eat the side dishes, which are plenty.

Do you know the simple egg substitute?
One tablespoon cornstarch and 3 tablespoons water. It works pretty well for most things ....

Julie Evans said...

Didn't know if you knew that we used to be veggie (not entirely vegan...hello, wine and CHEESE, please) for most of Mikey's baby/toddler years? Dave had a scare with cholesterol that we did get a complete handle on going veggie, thank God.

We did the side dish thing at the holidays as well. And picnics were also creative...buns with condiments.

Ironically enough, it was Thanksgiving weekend 2000 that we got stuck in Pennsylvania Turnpike post holiday traffic and the only thing in crawling reach was a McDonalds, when we fell off the wagon. At first, Mikey was afraid to eat his cheeseburger, but the fear didn't last long. And that was also the end of our veggie days. But not, thankfully, Dave's health.

Amanda talks of going back all the time these days.