Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Silent Blog

After all those years of nearly daily posts, I've been quiet for just over a month. I'm writing plenty, but not here. I've got my business to keep working (we launched the new website!) and I'm doing a ton of private writing. Many of you know I'm in therapy and working on my midlife stuff. It's too hard to share here at this time. I update Twitter and Facebook several times a day for those wanting a way to stay connected to me.

I hope to return to writing here in the New Year. For now, I'm accepting that this is a quiet moment in my soul and am attending to it. Peace and love to all of you who have faithfully read me for years. I love knowing you and feeling your support.


Kansas Bob said...

"I love knowing you and feeling your support."

Right back atcha Julie.. and a wish for a great Christmas and New Year!


PS: Glad you feel free to take a blog sabbatical.. sounds kinda healthy to me!

Mike said...

I find these days that support for life's questions and challenges comes in many forms...

Thanks for letting us internet junkies be along for your ride Julie...I have learned much.

SUSAN said...

I have a plaque next to my backdoor and I read the the quote daily:

"Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace may be found in silence."