Tuesday, November 04, 2008


What makes us all equal is the right to vote. Today's the day. Exercise your right, follow your conscience.

Thanks for all the wonderful conversations over this election season with me. Thanks for reading along when you disagreed, for engaging the ideas I offer, for considering the points I raise.

I love this country; I love its ability to reinvent itself. I'm moved this morning thinking that Obama has made it this far and could only achieve that dream in America. France wouldn't do it. We have shown a remarkable willingness to grow, transform, and reach out to the common good. To judge a person not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. That day, that dream is fulfilled.

Vote! It's your most basic right.


musing said...

I was so honored to cast my vote for Obama this morning.

Today is a history making day.

Colleen said...

I'm tracking (ha! no pun intended) with you, friend. I've been increasingly excited about this election over the past few months, for a variety of reasons. You know I've waited eight years to end the reign of error and I am just plain happy the day is upon us.

At the same time, I'm overcome with emotion, as always, at the freedom that's bestowed upon us, regardless of who's in office or who's running. The right to vote is such an honor. A privilege. I get teary talking to my boys about it, passing on the civics lesson.

This is a day, an election, that'll go down in history, and I am honored to be here to witness it.

Now bring on the bubbly and Barack! :-D