Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Mind of Christ

A friend reminded me that I wrote the following in November 2001. It seemed fitting this Christmas season:
"Mind of Christ." Why would Christ have a mind focused on salvation? To me, the mind of Christ must have to do not with the theology of how we come to him, but rather with his mind!

I can't think of the last time someone spoke on letting the mind of Christ be in us so that we become humble (humiliated), less significant in the eyes of men, not regarding equality with church leaders as something to be grasped, humbling ourselves to the point of being misunderstood and possibly left out (by our own--not the world out there, but by the very members of our communities of faith), loss of influence and deliberate turning over of our power to those less capable than ourselves and trusting God to work it all out."
I had this odd sense of deja vu... Seems I've been developing the mind of Christ for the last five years.


Deb said...

Amazing words. Not the message that fills the seats in a church. Not the message that brings in the money to pay salaries and build buildings.

The president of United taught an amazing polity class and presented a model for discipleship that ended in martyrdom. Your words remind me that humbling ourselves can be a form of martyrdom.

I agree with you that Christ is not focused on salvation because that focus automatically includes those outside of salvation.

Thank you for sharing this from 2001.

Kansas Bob said...

Agree with Deb.. amazing words!

I think that humility.. if we are painfully honest.. often looks like humiliation.. and who wants that? Maybe that is the cost of being honest and transparent about our faith journey.

I am glad that you blog Julie.. your transparent, honest and sometimes humiliating(?) journey of faith is inspiring to so many of us.

Look forward to seeing where the journey takes you in 2008!

Seasons Blessings, BoB

Steve said...