Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bruce Springsteen tickets

I bought myself a Christmas gift this a.m.: a single ticket to the Boss's concert on March 22nd in Cinci. I was online right at 10:00 a.m. as the purchasing terminal opened. I got in fairly quickly and noticed that my tickets were for the floor (no seating). Being 5'2" and female, I already knew what a challenge that space is for watching concerts (having barely lived through it at a U2 concert a couple of years ago). So, as I've done countless times in the past, I asked to be shown different tickets.

Unlike those countless other times, this time I was booted to the back of the line and had to start my search over. I was shocked! Usually you keep your place and they simply shuffle the seats to give you a better look at what's available right then. There were no choices apart from "Best Available" so I couldn't define my search up front.

After giving up the floor, I wound up in the rafters. Grrrr. I have a nice angle to the stage and I know there will be big screens etc. But still. I'm just mad that I gave up the floor. Should have bought them and suffered up close rather than suffering at a distance.

Okay, now that I got that out....

I can't wait for March!!!


mariam said...

My son and I flew to WInnipeg to see Neil Young and CSN as he wasn't making a stop here and I could combine it with a trip to see my brother. My sister-in-law paid mucho dollars for floor seats that we relatively close to the stage, but, as you say, unless you're over 6 feet, once everyone is standing you can't see anything except the screen. I got the best cheap seats and we were seated in upper seats directly to the side of the stage. I was worred about the seats but they were great. We couldn't see much of the screen but we had a great view of the performers, albeit from the side - but even that was sort of cool because it was a different window on the performers. I actually felt sorry for my brother and his wife, because not only could they not see the peformers, but they were seated because a bunch of obnoxious drunks.

As to Springsteen, the tickets went on sale yesterday and by the time I got to them the only tickets left were behind the stage, so I think I'll just be asking for the album for Christmas.

julieunplugged said...

You know, I've had tix for both places (up high and on the floor). I loved the close ups of the face on the floor, but felt nearly claustrophobic the whole time and often couldn't see at all.

I love high up for the view of the entire arena (you feel more a part of the whole experience).

However, what I really wanted were down low seats. This is the section I have yet to get as an adult. I sat close up for Bruce and Tom Petty in college and to this day, those were my favorite seats.

Back then, we stood in lines and got to chat with the ticket sales about locations for seats. No more.

Anyway, being in the arena is enough. I love the Boss and at least now they have big screens and I have binoculars!

Russ said...

Yippee! Rumors are he's coming to Dallas, too...I can't wait.