Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Johannah's home!

Ohio State Finals Week

OSU students, originally uploaded by juliecinci.


I really loved seeing a college campus in the snow. That's one experience I never had on the west coast.


R. Michael said...

Great pics Julie! I got a taste of college visits this past weekend when taking my daughter to visit Pitt. I enjoyed being on a college campus again and we were able to sit in on a German writing class...needless to say when the kids saw me as they walked in (I was sitting right by the door) they thought they had the wrong hair being almost completely gray and theirs...well theirs was every color you could imagine...still found it fun...made me wish I had my education to do all over again!

Dave said...

What's up with TOSU letting the students out already? Seems a bit early to me... My daughter graduates on Saturday but she still has school the following week!

But anyway, I'm happy that you're happy that your daughter is home for the holidays.

Now turning our attention to football...