Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Tony Romo, I love you" takes on new meaning

My smack talk on my FF league says, "Tony Romo, I love you." He has been very good to me in my league. But last night Romo turned over the ball 6 times (5 Int and 1 fumble) and he still pulled it out.

What is totally weird... my opponent in FF had 50 pts. At the start of the game I had 23. Literally every play eeked me forward one tiny bit at a time. Interceptions and Bills scores dropped me. I hovered over 34-35 for most of the game.

Then right at the end, Romo gave the ball to Barber (my RB) enough to put me right at 50. I needed one point. The Cowboys needed 2 pts to win. They missed a 2 pt. conversion but successfully recovered an onside kick! Then Romo threw a pass... and TO "caught it" until a replay overturned the ruling on the field. That pass would have given me the win. But wait, they get to try it again. And that pass had to go ten yards and be caught for me to win with 13 seconds left on the clock... Witten made the catch! 51 pts. A win for my team, the Footsies.

Dave, however, had to suffer through TO not catching (how many did he miss last night) and then watching the kicker pull out the win for the Cowboys who had to kick 2 field goals because the Bills called the timeout right after the first snap. But they did it.

What a night! Far better game than the Bruins v. Irish. More on that game later today.


Ampersand said...

Yes, and that silly kicker secured the win for J over Dave. Crazy. Who would have ever thought the kicker would get more points than TO.

Oh, and Steel Warriors came by the store today and I razzed him about his loss. He claims that he was not able to make roster changes before a trip out of town, but I'm not totally sold. : ) Don't tell him I said that.

Dave said...

It's very easy for kickers to score more points even than star receivers. WR is the most volatile position in FF. They can be tremendously productive, or they can spend the game drawing double-team coverage that opens holes for other players to score big. I was not surprised to lose the game - such things have happened to me before. I was really ticked when Crayton got that TD - if it was pitched TO's way (assuming he would have caught it!) then I might have won, but as it turned out, I lost by 10 points.

Kim, your daughter stole my Viagra! Lord knows I need it more than she does!

Ampersand said...

Haha, sorry Dave. Yep, I'm certain that she does not need the viagra. I can see what you mean now about the kicker. FF is becoming quite the education for me. It's good fodder for my ongoing anger management issues too. :)

Anonymous said...

On a side note, I kept saying that all of the hype about Romo was a curse for him. I knew it. I can't believe they won against Buffalo.

Someone even called Romo a young Brett Favre. To his credit, Romo said that was ridiculous.

julieunplugged said...

Romo is adorable. I love the way he jokes with the media, the way he doesn't take himself too seriously, the way he stepped up when he needed to and has shaken off his play-off debacle. He will grow and continue to make mistakes. The real question hanging in my mind and other is whether or not he is good when he's good and bad when he's bad akin to Rex Grossman who got worse and worse and worse, even though he can really throw when he needs to.

I like Romo's personality as much as his play. Fun to watch.