Sunday, October 07, 2007

So of course I'll weigh in on the pathetic game

that was Notre Dame versus UCLA... now that I have Internet again. First, business. Then recovery from the painful memories of the game. Then analysis. (And whoa is me - I'm not winning in FF!! I go away and the team falls apart... Tony Romo, bail me out man!)


Jon said...

So glad the bengals had a bye week... just so they don't go 1-4.

Dcn Scott Dodge said...

Meanwhile, the Utes beat Louisville in their own crib!

Dave said...

Romo bailed you out! Even with 5 INTs, you managed to win by 1 point. Unbelievable!

Meanwhile, I got beat because Terrell Owens did nothing all night and the Cowboys kicker had to put the points on the board all by his lonesome, which gave my opponent the advantage. Misery Business indeed! Unbelievable!