Friday, October 05, 2007

The Getty

The Getty, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Spent yesterday at the Getty Museum. All my photos from LA so far can be viewed here.

I'm with my family now. No Internet at my Dad's house. He has one of those little Dell Verizon cards that slides into his laptop that hooks him up anywhere he goes... but that is not the same as wi-fi (which he still doesn't quite understand) and it's not the same as DSL (when there is no modem).... So.

That means I hunted strip malls for outdoor tables laden with businessmen typing on laptops. Found none. Finally got redirected by a competitor coffee shop to Bad Ass Coffee. Success. They have Bad Ass Wi-Fi!

I'm caught up with work but not with personal email, facebook comments or blogging.

Oh, I am all set for FF week 5, though. Priorities. Why do you think I was desperate to find my wi-fi? :)


Bilbo said...

Great museum try to make it to Getty at least once a year...I love the Illuminated Manuscripts and the layout of the Museum. It's a beautiful Museum...

NoVA Dad said...

Great picture, and I'm glad you were able to get your FF lineup squared away (since you're leading the league, and I'm down near the tail-end, I'd hate to see your team stumble;-)

Bad Ass Coffee -- THAT is a great name.

Dave said...

Just letting you know that there is an audience out here that is eagerly awaiting your report on the Notre Dame-UCLA game that you were at last night. Bilbo's already weighed in on USC. C'mon, what are you waiting for?!?! :o)

Susanne B. said...

Am jealous as heck that you got to see the Getty. I've been DYING to go but Keith won't brave LA traffic and ZI haven't convinced my church friends to ditch jobs and families to go yet.

But I will. Glad you also got your palm tree fix. ;)