Saturday, November 11, 2006

Compassion for Ted Haggard from an unexpected advocate

Thanks to GAF for linking to this provocative article.
When my neighbor Neera invited me to dinner with her gay friend Tom, he was the first out gay man I’d ever actually talked to. He was a sweet and gentle guy, and suddenly I found myself desperate for a connection to someone who could understand what I’d hidden away for so long. With Neera looking on like a satisfied yenta, we talked nonstop through dessert and beyond. I thought I was falling in love.

That reality provoked the greatest crisis of faith if my young life. I shared my dilemma with my very Christian roommate, who warned me I was on the road to destruction and demanded that I never see Tom again. I couldn’t make that promise; I’d tasted the forbidden fruit and found it good. So my roommate, in the name of Christian charity, called my supervisor at the ministry where I worked and the pastor of my church.

The next day, I was jobless and expelled from my church. At the ripe old age of 26, suddenly friendless and without a job, I felt like my life had ended. But it was the greatest gift I could have been given.

I was forced to face myself: a gay man who was spiritual, a spiritual man who happened to be gay. I couldn’t begin to imagine how my sexuality and spirituality could fit together—but the long process of integration had begun.


Dave said...

Have you seen this? It's a pretty frank interview with Mike Jones, who exposed Haggard's dual-mindedness re: homosexuality.

I link it here mainly to give access to another side of the story, since Haggard's plight has been the primary focus in all this.

I'd link an interview with Gayle Haggard if I could find one on the internet.

julieunplugged said...

Good interview! I read one with Mike on another gay site (can't remember where now) with a similar set of questions.

Pretty courageous of Mike to come forward totally alone and risking investigation.