Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bits and Pieces of a Crazy Day

Yesterday I had a scare. I came home from a day away to a note from Dave that said my blog appeared to be down. I literally had thirty minutes to shower, load my car with materials for my speaking engagement that night, and dress (uh, not in that order per se, though it might have made the whole experience more stimulating ala the definition of JulieUnplugged...) when I checked, and lo, my blog had been hacked! The home page was filled with html gobbeldy-gook and my heart flipped over.

So, instead of showering, I immediately logged into Blogger. All my blog contents were still on dashboard so I wisely discerned that this was a cosmetic hack, not a real one. :) I hit republish, waited the mini-eternity for the blog to process, and then, after refreshing the screen on Firefox (you always have to do that after publishing), the old friendly face of my blog reappeared.


Raced through my shower, threw on my clothes, loaded my car, skipped dinner and flew out the door to speak at the PEACH homeschooling meeting in Xenia. Great time! I brought a friend (who is my shipper/handler) with me. We drove in the dark looking for the little church among all the little churches and houses... And saw the following sign on the Baptist building next to the one where I spoke:


When I squeezed lemon juice on the asphalt underneath the sign, the invisible ink said:

We'll give ya fifty bucks if you can find those three words in the Bible.

The meeting next door, wherein I taught moms how to teach writing, went great. Brave Writer (my business) is coming up on its seventh anniversary (in January). In the last two speaking engagements, I've had moms coming to the events just to tell me how much Brave Writer has helped them. It's so gratifying. Only a couple of years ago, no one in these groups had ever heard of Brave Writer. Now I've got all these enthusiastic moms sharing about the classes they've taken, the success their older kids are having in college and so on. Ahhhh.

Well, off to be a conscientious homeschooler myself. Today, I'll be going down to Xavier to watch the lecture Reza Aslan gave last night at Xavier (on DVD). Jon (husband) attended and declared that finally we have a sane voice among academics who appears to understand the true nature of aggressive Islam and what the reformation in Islam means to the Arab world and to the rest of us.

I'll be sure to share about that once I find two minutes to rub together.


Julie said...

so the blog thing happened to me yesterday as well... I had to start completely from scratch since most of my template had been erased... what is this a conspiracy against Julies?

julieunplugged said...

Oh my! You didn't find your blog on blogger? I at least found mine when I went to the dashboard after logging in. I wonder if there was a widespread hack of the name Julie.... that's what we get for the dime a dozen name, eh?