Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tiger Woods Wins British Open

and I missed it.

We had a wonderful party with all of our friends and family, but I admit it was hard to hear that Tiger won and did so beautifully and I didn't get the joy of watching his success. I did scoot over to YouTube to see his emotional breakdown on the 18th (as he thought about his dad) and his stunning birdie on Friday on the 14th. What a player!

I'll share some details about the party later, but just wanted to send out good vibes to Tiger and his family. Congratulations!


brian said...

It was a beautiful display of golf. And, it was cool to see Tiger show some emotion concerning his dad. He's normally so stoic and so together, it was nice to see his human side, too. I don' think a swing machine could have played a better round. I can only recall one bad shot on Sunday. Everything else was basically perfect.


julieunplugged said...

Isn't that something? That's my favorite way to see Tiger play. I love it when he birdies three in a row like that.

I don't play golf but I sure love watching it.