Thursday, July 27, 2006

I am literally flat out these days

We've had a non-stop stream of people (family) and more come tomorrow. Jon completely threw me for a loop and flew my sister in for Noah's college party. My mom and her husband were here from Thursday to Tuesday and Friday to Monday for my sister, Erin. Tonight my aunt and uncle come into town for the weekend and today is Liam's birthday! He turns 12 and we're visiting the aquarium. Yesterday we made two trips to the local lacrosse store to buy him a new shaft for his stick.

On top of all that, my business is in high season (this is curriculum-purchasing season for homeschool and my inbox is full of questions, orders and needs). All that to say, I don't even have a UPI column for today. I am just barely keeping my head above water. Hopefully things will quiet down next week and I can come out and play.

Peace to you all!



Matt said...

Take whatever time you need -- family visits are great, but time to decompress is even greater! Best to all of you....

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, Julie. Enjoy your family and your son's birthday. I know it's crazy to be so busy, but I'm thrilled your business is going well! Yay!

I should be very busy, but I'm sort of paralized right now. I feel like a computer who is shutting down one system at a time to save..something! I don't even want to analyze it. All I know is I have deadlines approaching and I am acting like I'm a woman of leisure. I'm doing what drives me crazy when my kids do it! Total denial and procrastination. :-P

I've been reading along with your blog, btw. Just wanted you to know I was here.