Thursday, July 20, 2006

Theologically Dangerous

UPI Column

Great reading all of your comments. Hope I can get to them later. We are preparing for a big party on Sunday for Noah's send-off to college. :)



Matt said...

Best of luck to Noah as he heads out on this new and exciting phase of his life!

And, of course, we'll be thinking of you, too. This will be an emotional time for you and your husband, so you've got our prayers for yourselves as well!

Dave said...

Julie, when you wrote:

The core of Christian faith, for all of us (fundamentalist and liberal alike) is imagination.

That connects so nicely, and coincidentally, with the Guy Davenport quote I posted on my blog today:

If my writing, involved as it is with allegiances and sensualities, with its animosity toward meanness and smallness, has any redeeming value, it will be in its small vision that Christianity is still a force of great strength, imagination and moral beauty if you can find it for the churches and dogma.
(end quote)

I think that's really the essence of freedom that I find in my current understanding and practice of Christian faith - refusing to get bogged down in heresy hunts and the endless clarifying of Truth and Error when it comes to the finer points of speculative debate, so that our eyes and spirits can be better attuned to the larger Truths and Errors that are happening in the Here and Now, in the actualities of personal relationships and events both near and far away.

Kansas Bob said...

One of my favorite Einstein quotes is ...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge".

... I loved that when I used to design computer systems but didn't think about it in a spiritual sense. Imagination seems to be a God given childlike thing - no wonder it is so hard for adults to embrace.

You wrote ...

"Aren't ideas right or wrong, true or false?"

... the older I get the more I appreciate the grays of life and theology ... and the spectrum of diversity that life can bring if we take the black/white glasses off.

About Jesus and the Trilemma - maybe there other interpretations of His life, passion, death & resurrection ... and maybe it is just my experience and my acceptance of the gospels ... maybe it is my own journey from legalism ... but the further I get from fundamentalism the more I embrace the Christ of the gospels.

Cheers, Bob

isaiah said...

Best to Noah- don't know him, but know he's got to be one kool young man with a Mom like you.

Have fun at the pary and remember, our children are only on loan to us.