Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Snatches of conversations

Teen in South America for Christmas:

"My Spanish sucks. I mean, I don't know how to say "crush" or "dating." How can you carry on a decent conversation without vocabulary?"

Walgreen's cashier after she was asked what it meant that the "homemade cookie" for sale had a sticker that said: "Sell by 12/07." (Remember, today is the 27th of December)

"Oh, that's not the day's date. It's the year."

Okay, so they are saying it has to be sold before two more years go by?


Uh, I'll see you then!

Seven year old niece on the phone last night right after "hello":

"Hi Auntie Julie! Guess what I got?"


"A skateboard. And a stomp rocket." (Author's note: said rocket of the stomp was the gift our family sent.)

That's great!

"Did you know it can go over the clouds? My daddy stomped it and it flew over one cloud and came out on the other side!"

Ah. Who needs a thank you note?

1 comment:

Rick said...

now adding "stomp rocket" to my santa list for next year :)