Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lose one, win one

You probably wouldn't guess that I watch football (I have confessed to a golf obsession with Tiger Woods...). But I do.

And yesterday, I held my breath as the Bruins met the Trojans. Finally, here in the east, we were deemed worthy of a game that featured only teams from the west.

But by the half, I wanted to avert my eyes.

By the end, let's just say I was a fan of the red and gold. What a team!

But today redeemed yesterday's bleak outcome. The Cincinnati Bengals (led by Carson Palmer - I know, a Trojan) have continued to astound the NFL with their come back season. 9 and 3. Not bad, boys. Not bad.


Bilbo said...

I was thinking about you Julie on Saturday as me and my Trojan buddies were hooping, hollering, and having a grand ole time. Not my style to rub it in so I won't say anything more. Did you see my lastest blog entry? I think it says it all...

kimmy said...

Oh how much happier my husband would be if I watched (and enjoyed) football matches with him. Have any tips ?
from one scarce blogger to another :)